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Choosing a new branch...

Okay, so, I'm moving this Friday to a new house in NE (near Kennedy School McMenamins). This puts me further from my usual homebase, Central Library. I've checked out what seem to be the closest libraries and have narrowed it down to Albina and North Portland branches. The N Portland branch is 1.7 miles from the new house and Albina is 1.6 miles from it. I have yet to visit either, but wanted to get some perspectives on both from others that have used these branches.

So, what do you think: Albina vs. North Portland?
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To me, Albina is primarily a children's library - lots of kids' books, kids' computer games, kids' activities, etc. If you have children, that's great, but I just go there to pick up my holds. From what I've seen of North Portland, it's a much nicer branch IMHO.
Yeah, Albina is wee, but very handy for dropping off books and doing random business. They're also next to Wild Oats and there's always easy parking.

N. Portland is much bigger and nicer. They're near the Florida Room so you can get bloody marys after.
yeah, it's tiny. I use it mailny to pick up holds. But it has that convenient location... Wild Oats, Starbucks, Pizza, Hollywood Video are all in there.
Albina is nice but very small. Good place to pick up holds, but not a great browsing location. I don't know anything about NoPo.